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New Hope Waves Limited is a local non-profit organization working among children, youth and their communities based in Livingstone, Zambia, Africa, which was initiated to create hope and the future in the lives of young people and their families around the communities in Zambia.

New Hope Waves Limited is a Company Limited by Guarantee with a non-profit legal status (NGO) which is registered with PACRA in Zambia and its Legal Company Registration No. 128916


New Hope and the Future for young people in Zambia


Change young people to Change the Future of Africa

The Mission Statement

Empowering children, youth and their families with skills, knowledge, educational and talent enhancement opportunities for the upliftment of the community through improved living conditions for a hopeful future and protecting the environment.

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Our target age groups are in two categories one; for children are from 7-14 years and for youth from 15-35 years who make up 70% of Zambia.

Objectives and Functions

  • To recruit, transform, educate and empower children, young people and their wider families with socio-economical skills.

  • To empower children, young people and the wider families to get involved in efforts to address socio-economic, environmental and developmental issues that are affected them such as poverty, unemployment, poor food security and poor environmental management.

  • To prevent the spread of HIV in the communities, support and care for people living and affected by HIV (children, young people and their wider families).

  • To engage the children and young people both males and females in Sport & recreational activities and providing life skills trainings in behaviour shaping character and talent development.

  • To uphold the right of all, without discrimination basis on race, creed, religion and other social factors.

  • To promote gender equity among children, young people, families and community for inclusive development.

  • To provide to young people with friendly community counselling and medical services to urban and with more emphasis on the children and young people

  • To provide technological training and opportunities that will better lives through ICT.

  • To organize training workshops, international volunteer opportunities, seminars, study tours, sporting and recreational activities and other related opportunities to provide information, education and communication activities in our holistic approach on social, economic, health and environmental issues with other organizations.

  • to build a COMMUNITY CENTRE for young people from all kinds of background in order to create a multipurpose “safe space” for the community and empower children and young people by giving them opportunities to have access to various programs (such as ICT, vocational trainings and career advice, business workshops, etc.) and activities (game area, sports, literacy, arts, etc.) that will be run by NHW with the help of local social workers and international volunteers.
    To learn more about the Maramba COMMUNITY CENTRE.


School Teaching and Training Program

New Hope Wave is working with mainly three schools which are:

1) A Community School with more than 700 pupils from the ages of 2 years -15 years from very underprivileged Preschool to Grade 7. Volunteers intended to work with them will be teaching English, Math, Art and other more creative subjects.

2) A private Preschool with children from the ages of 2 years to 9, from Preschool to Grade 2 with more than 60 pupils at this school. Volunteers can help in teaching these children English, Math, Songs and Dances and in the general cleaning and child care.

3) Another private Preschool with children from the ages of 3 years to 5, from Preschool with more 50 pupils at this school. Volunteers can help in teaching these children English, Math, Art and Dances and in the general cleaning and child care.

Football Program

Soccer field during afternoons:

Volunteers will work with us to play, coach if possible, and also to hang out with the children at the football pitch. The boys and girls from the under resourced communities are from 7 to 25 years old, the majority of them being out of school due to high school fees which their parents cannot afford to pay them. This program aims to keep them stay away from drugs and other illicit activities in the unsafe communities!

FFA: New Hope Wave has also a club that is in the league with the teams for boys from 17-25 years as well as the girls’ team from ages from 13-18 years and have also a number of boys’ teams starting with the Under 10, Under 12, Under 14 and Under 17 years running! The boys in the team in the league start their games from April to December as well as the girls team they are all competing to go to higher leagues.

Elderly Care and Support Program

New Hope Waves is working with an Old People Home where 41 old people live from different backgrounds with challenged situations such as abandoned by their families, poverty situations in the rural areas then migrate to the city ending up of being stuck in lives then get adopted in the home. Volunteers can provide them with care and support and will be able to help out with the tasks at the home such as serving them with food, clean the surrounding, cutting their nails, cleaning their rooms as well as having quality time to share stories and experiences etc.

ICT Program

New Hope Waves is running a small group computers lessons for young people who want to learn skills in ICT and have access to technological opportunities. The trainings depends on the availability of international skilled IT volunteer trainer(s), as well as the fact that only few computers that we have in the office space are available. Volunteers can assist young people to learn how to start a computer, typing, basic Microsoft word, excel and other more basic computer skills.

Community Centre for young people

New Hope Waves is currently working on a new project which is to build a COMMUNITY CENTRE for children and young people, where they will find a Multipurpose Safe Space for them to interact, exchange and receive proper education. Due to poor social-economic conditions, most of the children and young people of the Maramba community don’t have access to certain facilities and opportunities and recreational activities, as there is no infrastructures already existing. In this perspective, that is to protect them from street violence and harmful substances as well as to create alternative lifestyles, our community centre will provide them services and activities such as Mentoring, Counseling, Tutoring, Career talks and advice, Vocational skills trainings, Business skills, ICT, Health (talks/support), Literacy (library/book exchange), Games areas for indoor sports, Music, Dancing Space, Arts and Intercultural activities. With the help of international volunteers coming from all over the world, New Hope Waves, through the Community Centre, aims to support cultural exchange as well as to offer great opportunities for children and young people to get in touch with different ways of thinking human relationships and society in general, which helps them to expand their world vision and their conception of future.

The community multipurpose centre will consist of the following facilities;

1) The Training Centre will provide trainings such as computer skills, business and management studies, agricultural gardening and conservation programs, tailoring, carpentry, poultry and food production to empower the vulnerable young people and community to improve their livelihoods and better the communities through skills development and job creation for the vulnerable and unemployed young people in the community. The main goal of this training program is to make the young people motivated, employable and productive.

2) Recreational facilities will offer children and young people a game area and will give them opportunities to showcase their talent. Various activities will be provided: indoor and outdoor sports (football), literacy (library, book exchange), music and dancing lessons, arts in general, etc.

3) The Community School will be built to provide free education to the vulnerable children and young people in the community so that learn how to read and write as well as to get good grades, starting from pre-school and primary from grade 1-7, then take them to other higher schools through our scholarship that will be established. This community school will be an alternative to public/private schools with high fees that parents/guardians cannot afford to pay so we will supplement the efforts to have an educated and informed community that will break the circles of poverty through education.

4) The health Centre will provide healthcare to the community as well as young people in order to build a healthy and productive community. People will be given health advices as well as support to access health information (hygiene, HIV, reproductive health, etc.)

5) The Shelter House will be a refuge for children and young people at risk, abused by the parents, homeless by negligence, as well as those children and young people exposed to substances. This program will be as a Transit Home for them before we hand them over their families and the other relevant institutions.

New Hope Waves will provide these other facilities to make the Community Centre sustainable;

1) The Hostel will host both international volunteers and local people in order to create intercultural contacts. The hostel will provide an accommodation for individuals, groups, families at discounted fee, to sustain the running of the center`s activities and management.

2) The Internet Café/Restaurant will employ local vulnerable people that will be trained by the center. The revenues will support the community to acquire tools and materials and to support the community based projects.

3) The Office Spaces will be rent to organizations, individuals and companies who will assist us to meet our goals of bettering the lives and community.

4) Sensitive Local Tourism centre will aim to create awareness of the touristic attractions but mostly of the local culture and its people. Employed local people will provide guided tours to the falls, national parks, cultural tours and nature tours to both international and local tourists. All the income will go to the center and support the community projects.


If you have any questions nor want to get involved, please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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